Your care team:

  • Your personal physician

  • Our hospice medical director

  • Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses

  • Certified home health aides

  • Social Workers

  • Chaplains

  • Trained volunteers

  • Speech, physical and occupational therapists, as needed

We work wherever you are.

We come to you, wherever you live. In most cases care is provided in your home, however, care can also be provided in hospice centers, hospitals, nursing homes or other long-term care facilities — or any place you may call home.

Services we provide:

Pain and symptom management

We help design a plan to ease your pain, nausea and other symptoms while keeping you alert and in control. At the instruction of your doctor, we may also continue other treatments you’re now receiving.

Spiritual care

We respect your religious beliefs. We want to help meet your spiritual needs—whatever they may be. We might help you say good-bye to loved ones, help plan a funeral, or guide you in exploring your feelings about death.

Coordination of care

We are responsible for all your care. Whenever there is a problem, your caregivers can contact us 24/7. There’s always someone on call to help with whatever arises. You’re never alone.

Respite care

Sometimes your family or caregivers need a break or there’s an away event they must attend. Your coordinator will make arrangements at an inpatient facility for up to 5 days. We’ll make sure these temporary caregivers understand your needs and continue your care just as we would.

Bereavement care

The loved ones you leave behind will be devastated and shaken. We offer guidance through the grief process. Just understanding the stages makes it easier. A trained volunteer, your clergy or social workers may visit to provide counsel and support.