Embrace Hospice provides a special form of care for people during the last months of life.

When medical treatments cannot cure a disease, Embrace Hospice’s interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals can do a great deal to control pain, reduce anxiety and provide medical, spiritual and emotional comfort to patients and their families.

Have faith in us.

We have been providing hospice care since 2015. We are fully accredited and licensed by the state of Georgia.

Our approach is holistic. We believe elevating the quality of life requires us to care for the whole person — emotional, physical, and spiritual needs

Everything we do is with compassion. We hire compassionate people and hire them to be even more compassionate. We fully respect your wishes and desires. We are here to serve you.

We want you to know that we are most definitely not about dying. We’re about living every last moment to the fullest.

Please call if you’d like to discuss hospice for yourself or someone in your family. Call us at Villa Rica: 770-462-1047 or Lawrenceville: 678-691-7151

DHC Faith Foundation, Inc.

  • to provide support to families with a loved one in hospice care or following death of a loved one who was in hospice care; and

  • to receive from any person, firm or corporation, contributions and property, tangible and intangible, which by gift, bequest or otherwise are dedicated to the Foundation; to own, hold manage, invest and reinvest all such property received by it; to use and apply such contributions and/or net income and principal of all such property to fulfill the purposes described (i).